We offer "real solutions in the virtual world" with creative and innovative technologies.

3D Virtual Worlds

We create virtual environments in Metaverse for distance education, corporate promotion and social communication.

Virtual Reality

We provide experiences for education, medical and corporate sectors by using Virtual Reality Technologies.

3D Virtual Worlds


Meta-Campus is a platform that offers virtual campuses for higher education institutions. A different understanding of education in the digital age can be offered to students. The virtual campus offers solutions to needs such as distance education, learning by experience, and social interaction.


Meta-School is a platform that offers virtual environments for K-12 educational institutions. The virtual school offers where interactive, collaborative, and innovative learning learning environment for teachers and students of the digital age.


Meta-Business is a platform that offers virtual environments for the private sectors. The virtual environment offers sales and marketing, human resources and training activities.


Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy Support Tool


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Tel: +90 312 286 META - +90 312 286 63 82

E-mail: info@metaverse.com.tr